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Cardiochek Blood Analyser Starter Kit for testing blood cholesterol levels at home.

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 About the CardioChek® Home Use Analyser:

  •   Easy to use - two buttons do it all!
  •   Portable, palm-sized
  •   Large digital readout
  •   Accuracy relied upon by health and wellness programs, as well as physicians
  •   Provides total cholesterol, HDL (good) cholesterol, triglyderides, and glucose results in as little as 90 seconds
  •   Can be programmed to display in nine languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Chinese, and Russian (not all languages are available in all locations)

Starter kit includes:

  •   1   x CardioChek® Blood Analyser
  •   2   x CardioChek® Check Strips
  •   1   x 3 Test pack of PTS Cholesterol Test Strips
  •   1   x PTS Cholesterol Test MeMo Chip
  •   1   x 3 Test pack of PTS HDL Cholesterol Test Strips
  •   1   x PTS HDL Cholesterol Test MeMo Chip
  •   6   x Pairs of Gloves
  •   2   x AAA Batteries
  •   2   x 3 Packs of Pipettes
  •   6   x Lancets
  •   1   x Pack of Multi-Chemistry Control Solution
  •   1   x Pack of HDL Cholesterol Control Solution
  •   10 x Alcohol Swabs
  •   10 x Cotton Gauze or Wool
  •   10 x Band-Aid
  •   1   x Slimline Carry Case


Important notes

PLEASE NOTE – Performing a test with this analyser involves the use of the safety lancet device to withdraw blood from your finger. Please ensure the person being tested is seated during the blood withdrawal process.

In vitro use only

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