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QUCARE Cholesterol Self Test

QUCARE Cholesterol Self Test

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QUCARE Cholesterol Self Test

Simple & Quick Total Cholesterol Test.


The QUCARE® Self Total Cholesterol test is intended for home use. The test strip for the semi-quantitative determination of cholesterol in fresh capillary whole blood.


The determination of cholesterol levels provides initial information on the state of the patient’s lipid metabolism. This information serves as a basis for further diagnostic measures, therapeutic decisions or monitoring the progress of the patient. However, self-monitoring is not to be seen as a substitute for regular monitoring by a physician. The results of self-monitoring should be noted down and discussed with the physician.


Materials Provided:

  • 2 x Test strips
  • 2 x Capillary tubes
  • 4 x Disposable Lancets
  • Materials required (but not provided) - Stopwatch, Clean tissue.


Studies were performed to test for substances that may interfere
with these tests. The results are below:

  • Drugs: Dopamine, Gentisic acid and methyldopa may impact
    the results of the test.
  • Metabolites: Extremely high doses of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) may impact the results of the test.
  • Hematocrit: Between 30~52% has no effect on the test result.
  • Neonatal use: There is no data generated to validate the use of this system with neonatal samples.


Q) I did not apply the full amount of blood sample to the test kit - can I apply additional blood to the test area afterwards?

A) No, you have to apply the correct amount of blood sample at once. If you don’t, the result may be inaccurate.


Q) Do I need to fast before testing?

A) In general, fasting before your test isn't required, unless you are already taking a cholesterol medication.


Q) What do my total cholesterol numbers mean?

A) Expected Values - Guidelines of the National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP). All results of 200mg/dL or greater should be repeated by a quantitative laboratory method before a diagnosis of hypercholesterolemia is made. In addition, if an individual’s blood cholesterol level does fall into a borderline high or high cholesterol category, it is recommended that a lipid profile be completed to determine the extent of the risk for Coronary Artery Disease (CAD); taking into account other risk factors such as hypertention, cigarette smoking and family history.

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