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Cefaly Electrodes (Pack of 3)

Cefaly Electrodes (Pack of 3)

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Product Code: CEFALY 11301

A pack of 3 multi-use electrodes for the Cefaly II & Cefaly Dual devices.

About Cefaly Electrodes

Cefaly electrodes work with the Cefaly II & Cefaly Dual device for migraine treatment and prevention. Cefaly is a medication-free migraine treatment and prevention device that uses electrical impulses from the electrode.

The electrodes use a self-adhesive backing. Position the electrode at the centre of the forehead for maximum effect.

The device requires electrodes to produce electrical impulses. The main branch of the trigeminal nerve (the nerve most involved in a migraine attack) receives these impulses. Such impulses help prevent and treat migraine pain.

Cefaly provides external trigeminal nerve stimulation (e-TNS) to alleviate migraine head pain.

Both Cefaly treatment sessions require an electrode. The acute treatment mode during a migraine and the prevent treatment mode to prevent an attack.

Two magnets automatically attract to keep Cefaly connected to the electrode. Before using the device, ensure that you correctly connect the electrodes.

The effectiveness of a treatment session depends on how well an electrode connects to the skin. Ensure the pointed part of the electrode is facing downward.

The edge should be above the line, joining both eyebrows (as shown above). Consider pressing your finger several times over the surface of the electrode to stick the electrode securely.

Only use electrodes on the forehead. Do not use an electrode on any other body part to prevent the risk of injury or severe adverse reactions.

Electrode gel indregients:

  • Glycerin
  • Polyacrylate Copolymer
  • Potassium Chloride

Hypoallergenic electrode gel ingredients:

  • Water
  • Povidone
  • Polyethylene Oxide Magnesium acetate

Using a Cefaly electrode

95% of users find using the device very easy, requiring only six steps:

  1. Cleanse the skin first using either soap and water or a prepare wipe.
  2. Correctly position the electrode on the forehead so the lower edge is just above your eyebrows.
  3. Connect the device to the electrode using the two magnets at the rear.
  4. Press the button on the device to begin the treatment session.
  5. Adjust the intensity of the electrical impulses by pressing the button again.
  6. Keep the device on throughout the treatment session. You can continue to resume normal activities or relax. After the session, remove the device by pulling it off the electrode.

Only touch the Cefaly electrode with clean hands, handling as little as possible. If possible, only touch the edges of the electrode so as not to compromise the electrode's adhesion.

Reusing a Cefaly electrode

You can reuse an electrode up to 20 times. Storage and skin preparation affect how many times you can reuse an electrode. How active you are while using the device can also affect electrode reuse.

Before using an electrode, cleansing the forehead with soap and water is advisable to remove any grease or sweat. Doing so helps the electrode to stick better to the skin, using a gel backing.

Make sure the skin is dry before sticking the electrode. Avoid using alcohol cleaners or make-up removal on the skin before using the Cefaly device.

After use, carefully stick the electrode onto the clear plastic backing strip and store it inside the pouch. This prevents the electrode gel backing from drying out. Avoid leaving the electrode uncovered after use.

If the backing gel does dry out, a small drop of water can rehydrate the gel for future use. Never immerse the Cefaly device or electrodes in water.

ALLERGY WARNING - Cefaly electrodes contain acrylates. If you are allergic to acrylates, contact BHR for an acrylate-free electrode alternative.

Remember to order electrodes in plenty of time to avoid running out.

Who is Cefaly for?

Cefaly is a device for treating and preventing migraine. People with migraine over the age of 18 can benefit from this treatment. Using transcutaneous electrical stimulation, Cefaly helps relieve migraine symptoms.

Cefaly is a wearable device clinically proven to quickly treat acute migraine attacks and prevent future episodes. Those with chronic headaches and migraine headaches may benefit the most.

Cefaly is a non-medication device for the treatment of migraine. Users can reduce painkilling medication intake by up to 75% using the device. The device comes with two settings for relieving migraine.

The acute setting is for use during a migraine attack and lasts 60 minutes. You can reuse the acute setting if the head pain does not subside or another attack starts. To prevent attacks, use the preventative setting once daily for 20 minutes.

Cefaly is the first FDA-cleared medical device for treating migraines. Research has identified the safety and efficacy of using the device to alleviate, treat, and prevent migraine. Users have reported a few side effects when using Cefaly, including drowsiness, redness of the forehead skin, and nausea.

Answer a few questions using this online quiz to determine whether the device is suitable for you. Find out if the device is right for you. Order the Cefaly device today and receive free shipping on orders over £100.

60-Day Cooling-Off Period

The Cefaly device comes with a 60 to 90 day cooling period. If you did not see the benefit of using the device within this time, you can return the item to us.

Only products returned in their entirety and in their original packaging can be accepted for return. Items missing will not be refunded.

Upon the return of the item, a refund of £320 will be issued to your payment method. BHR retains £58 to dispose of the product safely. This option applies only to online sales to consumers.

All items are disposed of using the correct disposal procedures. Disposable is in accordance with our Standard Operating Procedures for the environmental disposal of electrical items.

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